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Comprehensive digital commerce

Commerce Exchange is an enterprise-level E-Commerce platform with a comprehensive set of features that help retailers and wholesalers in establishing and running their online business.
From flexible catalog management, efficient order process, customer self service, promotions, web-store content, search, SEO, digital marketing, logistics support and payment gateways, Commerce Exchange has everything that you need to provide a rich online shopping experience to your customers.

Seamless multichannel experience

Commerce Exchange helps wholesalers, retailers and brands to implement a seamless multichannel consumer experience across the buying cycle. Our approach is determined by your vision, customer needs, your organisation’s multichannel maturity where Commerce Exchange can create a powerful impact. For some clients we start from scratch, for others we refine their existing E-Commerce strategies.
We usually start with a look at the big picture; your operating space and competitors. We listen closely to your business challenges and tackle them as if they were our own.

Customer excellence is in our DNA

A positive customer experience means every element of the customer journey, from navigation to payment and delivery is simple, immersive and thoughtful.
We use an iterative design process to achieve genuine innovation, reduce risk and put customers in control. These user-centred design processes draw on research to develop a user experience that’s based on hard evidence, not opinions.

Ecosystem of experts

We are simplifying the entire cycle of building and managing a profitable online store with the combination of industry leading solutions.
Commerce Exchange has payment partners, logistics partners, digital marketing, web design services and CX service intgration partners across the globe. Our partners are experts in their own domain. In short we have nurtured a promising digital commerce ecosystem where our customers and partners thrive!

Open and easy to integrate

With Commerce Exchange, one can integrate their online store to not only existing systems such as accounting, inventory management, ERP systems, POS software but also seamlessly integrate with popular third party softwares to aid you in online store expansion and growth.
Our system enables these solutions to work together seamlessly so you can increase sales, improve customer service and optimize inventory. You can use Commerce Exchange APIs to build modules and apps that add additional features and functionality to your store.

Trusted by market leaders

We have powered millions of transactions for wholesalers, brands and retailers across the globe.
VOW Europe,Staples UK and HP and many leading retailers and brands across variety of verticals like office supplies, fashion, apparel, books, electronics, home appliances, home décor, home improvement, grocery and FMCG.

Robustness and simplicity

Our goal is to make sure that technology works for you, not against you. And we work with the latest digital technologies to ensure we’re applying innovation that makes a difference.
Our system enables these solutions to work together seamlessly so you can increase sales, improve customer service and optimize inventory. You can use Commerce Exchange APIs to build modules and apps that add additional features and functionality to your store.

CX Enterprise

The digital channel has emerged as the most cost effective means to acquire new customers. When commerce meets digital, great things can happen for B2B companies.

Commerce Exchange B2C fuels digital commerce ambitions of fast-growing and large businesses for wholesalers, retailers, brands, manufacturers and distributors.

Our software-as-a-service E-Commerce solution is a cloud based subscription model hosted and managed by us. A true fit for macro online stores.

E-Business Intelligence is a comprehensive single channel reporting and analytic solution that provides decision-makers with a 360 degree insight and intelligence to understand and measure.

Searchandizer is the popular, blazing fast search platform with powerful features and unparalleled scalability and reliablity. Searchandizer powers search and navigation for many of the UK's largest online retailers.

Web Broker is an advanced E-Commerce tool that provides intelligent http load balancing, automated failover, application-level sticky sessions, static/dynamic content caching, SSL decryption, etc.

Our Services


You focus on production and brand management, while Commerce Exchange and its partners handle your online business acting as your E-Commerce division. We are committed to achievie measurable success and ROI for our customers.


Our services cover the entire process from the initial E-Commerce idea through system commissioning, maintenance, and ongoing development. We help you to implement your requirements, fast and at low cost.


Commerce Exchange provides a wide selection of training courses on Commerce Exchange E-Commerce platform and helps you prepare for smooth roll-out and operation of your online business.


You can count on Commerce Exchange Support to help you solve small or complex issues in your day to day work. We are available 24/7 to ensure that, a long-term success of your online business.


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